HE WORE BLACK, a tribute concert to Johnny Cash

Performed by David Chapa, WS “Fluke” Holland, Ron Haney, Terry Grulke, and Wayne Ewing.

David Chapa has been playing guitar and singing for nearly 35 years, and semi-professionally for the last 25 years.  Like so many others, he grew up listening to Johnny Cash and became a fan at a very young age. Johnny Cash was, in fact, his inspiration to play guitar and sing.  In December of 2003, just about two months after Johnny Cash had passed away, David began thinking about a tribute show.  Not just another impersonation, but a real tribute that would take the audience on a musical journey from Dyess, Arkansas, to Memphis, Nashville, Tennessee, and beyond with brief narrative interludes in between.  Chapa, as a fan, has read quite a bit about Johnny Cash over the years, but Chapa the tribute artist has been seriously researching Johnny Cash quite extensively and short of Cash’s family, close friends, Chapa probably has the best grasp of the Man in Black than most people.

Chapa has been around the music business since his late teens, early 20s, having lived in California for a few years he made several friends in the business that have given him some great insights over the years.  One dear friend, in particular, Bill Lynn, helped him form the concept of this tribute.   Bill Lynn played drums for Elvis Presley and was very familiar with the business and what makes a successful show.

In early 2004, David contacted Bill to ask him his thoughts on the tribute show.  As Chapa recalls that conversation, “Bill told me, don’t do to Cash what so many others have done to Elvis.  The impersonators really tarnished the artist.  Just perform Johnny’s songs, and tell his story while at the same time just being you, and not Johnny, because, like Elvis, there will never be another Johnny Cash.”  David and Bill stayed in touch, having countless more conversations about this show, Bill finally told him, you need to do this show, David.  Bill had moved back to where he grew up, Bogota, Columbia, to open a club called, Legends and Superstars and he invited Chapa to come perform this show at his club.  Sadly, Bill Lynn passed away in early January of 2006, and his sudden death was a shock to Chapa who said, “I didn’t know what happened to him.  I kept emailing him and emailing. I’d call, but no return emails or calls.  After talking regularly for the last couple years, I knew something was up.  I finally received an email from his wife, informing me of Bill’s passing, but her English was poor and she apologetically wished she could give me more details.”

Chapa still did not know how his friend had died.  A close work friend who had been helping Chapa navigate travel to Columbia, whose father is Columbian, living in Bogota, said that her dad found his obituary in the local newspaper.  Bill had died from complications associated with the common flu.  The show stayed “on the shelf” for 11 more years, until early this year when Chapa decided the time was right.  He needed to do this show for his friend, Bill, for himself, and to help carry on the story of the Man in Black, Johnny Cash.

The show will be at Pikes Peak Grange in Franktown, CO on February 24, 2018.  Admission is $25/person, $50 VIP packages, and for Families up to five people, $80.  You are encouraged to come dressed in your best “Cash-period” clothing from the 60s and early 70s, as well as come celebrate what would have been Johnny Cash’s 86th birthday.

Chapa will be performing with WS “Fluke” Holland, Johnny Cash’s one and only drummer, Ron Haney, Lead Guitar, Terry Grulke, Bass, Wayne Ewing, Keyboards.

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Tickets are on sale now at Shining Light Events, Inc.

Seating is limited, and tickets are selling fast.

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