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He Wore Black, a Johnny Cash Tribute is the most authentic tribute show you will ever experience!Β  Featuring WS “Fluke” Holland, Johnny Cash’s drummer for nearly 40 years, you will not only hear never before told stories about life on the road with Johnny Cash as they can only be told by the man who was there when it all happened, but you will hear that unmistakeable rhythm that gave Cash his unique sound that many tried to copy, but few could master.

Fluke has been an active member of the music industry since he began his career playing drums with Carl Perkins in 1954.Β  He recorded Blue Suede Shoes with Carl and the band in 1955, the first record to ever sell 1 million copies at Sun Records.Β  He was there for a recording session with Carl and the band the day the famous “Million Dollar Quartet” picture was taken.Β  He has played with Sheryl Crow, Marty Stuart, Kris Kristofferson, and many, many more.

In 1960, he was ready to hang up his drumsticks when he received a phone call from Johnny Cash asking him to come play a two week tour with him and the Tennessee Two, Luther Perkins, and Marshall Grant, out east.Β  Β Cash said he needed to make more noise and figured Fluke’s drums would be just what he needed.Β  That began a friendship, partnership, and membership of Johnny Cash’s band that would last 37 years, until Johnny Cash retired from touring in 1997.

The show, He Wore Black, is a true tribute, not an impersonation.Β  You will be taken on a musical journey while hearing true stories about Cash, his influences, his friends, and his philosophies.Β  This show honors the legend of Johnny Cash.

David Chapa, the lead singer and visionary of the show, works very hard to bring you the most authentic experience possible.Β  This year, Chapa pulled out all the stops and added from the Cash family, Mark Alan Cash, Johnny’s nephew and Tommy Cash’s son.Β  He is also bringing out from Folsom, CA, the best Carter Sisters Tribute Band in the country, The Wildwood Roses.Β  And coming off tour with Johnny Cash’s oldest grandson, Thomas Gabriel, Eric May returns to his home state of Colorado to join the He Wore Black show to share his music, and participate in what Chapa calls, “The Next Generation Highwaymen” performance.Β  You won’t want to miss this EPIC event!!!

We hope to see you at our show and have an opportunity to meet and chat with you.

He Wore Black

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You will be able to purchase up to 🎟four tickets 🎟 at $55 per seat.Β  We’re very proud to be able to offer this to you.Β  It is our way of saying thank you for all that you have done and that you do for us!

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Tickets are selling much more quickly than we had anticipated, so make sure you don’t wait, we would hate to turn anyone away as we did for our previous shows.


Finally, a portion of all the ticket sales will go to benefit Colorado Wounded Vet Run, a local 501(c)3.

David Chapa, the lead singer and visionary behind He Wore Black, a Johnny Cash Tribute, is one of the original founders of this non-profit.Β  He has stepped down from day to day activities and operates in an advisory capacity on the board, but he remains committed to helping our Veterans, supporting our Military and our 1st Responders.Β  We are again, very proud to be able to support our local heroes in this way.